Some days, more devastating than others

It reminds me of Dad a lot | Image: @iThembaJay


The day the world changed for the worse and better all the same damn time, I had a Coke Emnyama.

It had memories rushing back, reminded me of olden days — my being 12 to 14 year-old-days. I then recalled what matters and made a distinction of what is important and what’s frivolous.

The Coke — some times called iBhakaniya (my father liked Orlando Pirates) — almost always came with life lessons and deep insight about politics, economics, car tyres / mechanics, carpentry, building businesses out of pretty much anything around us and most importantly, however. Dad dolled out mental goodies as easily as breathing, frighteningly brilliant guy. Such memories ground me and pull me back to my best self.

Do you remember the time you were not a diluted person? When you were fully yourself and hadn’t had your confidence / self worth beaten out of you by the people of the world?

I do.

It’s important that you do, too.

Go back to yourself. FULLY.

The day. Momentous.

A sad day.

The very day I helped a dear friend lay his pillar of strength to final rest. Grandparents are often such a blessing — the ever so gentle madala, a widely traveled Saxophonist and a deep well of experiences and knowledge.

It’s also the day I took back the steering wheel and drove my lifestyle toward a different turn.

I figured, well, doing things differently should yield better results. No? (Yes.)

And recently, it makes sense to go back to my roots and do the things I used to enjoy as a child. The benefits: in my case, playing football, gives me a bit of fitness; it also allows me to tap into my childhood memories and gain a sense of confidence and direction for my life from the gifted person I have always been — way before the world and its people nearly convinced me differently from my original identity.

Days will always be days.

A mere accumulation of seconds, minutes, hours and then, days go by.

And before you know it, you’re an old-er human being with a few adult responsibilities, but alas, you do not know yourself. Or rather, you’ve forgotten your true power as you went about living and meeting different people.

Again, days will be days; although some, some will be more decisive than others.

iBhakaniya ematsheni | @iThembaJay