Are you a precision instrument or a blunt object?

Life is all about choices, I am certain you’ve heard some person say before.

Well, it’s true.

The choice I find fascinating, though, is one where people adopt vastly different ways of doing things; and to human beings’ credit: that fact often is predicated on where (the environment makes the animal, remember that); ways of behaving; ways of seeing the world; ways of talking to oneself (I should bet that you are well acquainted with the debilitating effects of a low self-esteem and of not being able to connect with people in “higher classes” of society, because, well, you were probably born-and-raised in a sqaulor) — of course, I cannot write ad nauseam about behaviour and not highlight strong factors that enable the ways we do things, the way we decide to live our lives.

Back to instruments.

A blunt object goes in with brute force to achieve any progress at all. Life, to the blunt, is a hard slog — nothing more. That’s it.

Then, enters a precision instrument.

Life, then, becomes about elegance, where progress is achieved by being deft in thinking, nimble in executing strategy. Thinking in this instance is of paramount importance: nothing elegant is ever made without a large dosage of brain (mind) matter. Ever.

My thinking is … that’s precisely the reason the brain is so resilient, getting stronger every single time you stretch it, every single time you step out of your comfort zone and embrace a few hardships, doubts and defeats; amazing shit happens when you trust your body, your mind, your heart and your soul — but, of course, you’ll have to set aside a shitload of time and effort to strengthen the aforementioned.

Some chap once wrote, “No withdrawal without deposits.”

Thoughtful fellow.

I have come to learn and deeply appreciate, respect and continue to learn that strategy wins crucial battles.

Yes, just as often, stategy fails and you are expected to dive for it — lest you drown with the sinking ship.

However, note that … the very practice of engaging in strategy-making means that that part of your arsenal gets stronger, sharper, every single time you strategise. Which also means your most important weapon, your mind, gets stronger just as much. Win-win.

Elegance, another of my values, is just as important as strength.

Meaning, it might be ruggedy, but, puh-lease! let it be exceedingly elegant — whatever you do.

How a piece of machinery works, or, how another human being writes, even, is part of the entire solution to whatever problem you are confronted by, want to solve and stimulate growth.

Of course, with all that written, we still live in a world full of cruel intentions, and those come in every direction.

Careful, or, you just might have your head handed to you.

It’s the nature of the jungle.

Even then …

Combat, although inelegant, is often necessary to stay alive.

I’ll be a nuisance and ask again: Are you precision instrument or a blunt object?