Be a consulting Designer instead

Image: Unsplash (Igor Miske)

Solve problems and you’ll always eat.

You’ve surely heard that one before, yeah?

Sliced another way: bring value and you won’t run out of a job.

Well, something to that effect.

Okay. I’ll stop tossing words this way and that.

When you’re a Designer — of any sort — you also happen to be in the consulting space. The job of making cool layouts by manipulating space and often, resources.

Visual storytelling is a tangible need for many a business, individual, projects of various kinds, and so forth. For this reason, you’re are in the consulting business. Or you should be — intentionally. That helps.

If you cannot see your role (especially as one that can’t be replaced wily-nilly, with business impact, losses), your artistry, and how it affects people and in turn, businesses, then you merely make cool designs — not business \ societal solutions.

This thing is rather simple … it merely needs some grueling work through self development, sharpen the sword. Make yourself world class, from whatever corner of the earth you may emerge from.

Be a sharp consulting mind and invariably, your design work will be worth more — for every one around the table.