What are RETHINK. Learning Sessions?

Themba Jay in full swing, facilitating the first RETHINK session; Orange Farm Library \ 26 February ’19.


A series of pragmatic and conversational learning sessions, powered by Themba Jay Consulting.

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Go ahead. Remake yourself.


RETHINK exists to help people transform the way they see and tell their personal stories; how to interact with digital media platforms and consume information; and essentially, how to create new knowledge and add to the global conversation.

In turn, the sessions deliver educational value. Be it in academia, business, personal projects, careers, etc. Consider this: the business of being human is a constantly moving target, with a lot of how-we-are-supposed-to’s (misguided noise) and ruthless world changes.

Rethinking yourself just might be what you need to get unstuck.


  • Learning Sessions (lectures)
  • Fireside Conversations
  • Keynote Presentations
  • Question—and—Answer sessions
  • Panel Discussions
  • Team Talk Sessions
  • One-on-One Sessions (on writing, public speaking, personal branding, strategy development)
Open and free-flowing yet reigned-in conversation is the grease to creativity.


# Personal Storytelling

  • Personal Branding vs. Being Human
  • Identity (What’s worth being unique?)
  • Storytelling as a superpower (Without it, there’s no idea sharing; no value added).
  • People buy into people (and their stories).

Through these talking points, I share where I have been, what I have learned through delving deep into my own story and finding lessons about how to grow from one’s story — and how to “package” and market it.

# Online Media

We’re living in a transitional world. The systems which gatekeepers built during the last century have become obsolete. Now, you can be as creative as you want to be to get yourself and your work seen.

Let’s dive into the nature of the airspace called the internet and the opportunities it presents for a complete rethink of how we live, work, create growth opportunities — and how we date.

# Positioning

  • “But … I am not a product! How can a human being position themselves?”
  • What league do you play in? (Do you race upwards OR do you run towards zero?)

The point above (What league do you play in?) is all about learning what type of person you are and what levels of the world you feel you deserve to hit — and we’ll take it from there.

# Digital Literacy

  • What the hell is that?
  • Why are you online … any specific reason? Share.
  • Why you should have a specific goal when you decide to be online.
  • There is loads of information (noise) online — how to synthesise information.
  • How to create new knowledge (everything is connected to each other).
Stories, when developed with a natural flow and sensibility, can change how people think and live.

# Tell Me A Story

  • Are you a decent storyteller? (Why you should be.)
  • Get Into an Elevator and Pitch. (Developing eloquent personal statements.)
  • How do YOU do it? (Are you comfortable communicating through writing; talking; footage?)
  • Let’s Study the Case: Spell binding stories that move emotions — and bank balances.


  • Apple Inc.
  • Coca-Cola
  • Gary Vaynerchuk
  • Jay-Z \ Bing Decoded campaign
  • Air Jordan XX story

# Intentional Media Consumption

  • What sort of media do you enjoy?
  • What sort of media do you enjoy?
  • Lay your eyes and you become. (You’re what you consume).
  • “Whatever dude! What’s the worst that could happen? It’s just media!

The flip-side: growth that comes from intentional media consumption :

  • Learning / Education.
  • Building relationships (across different timezones even).
  • Creating platforms that speak on your behalf when you are not there to do it yourself.
  • Globalisation: How do you navigate? (Learn how to toughen yourself up. And then raise your standards to achieve personal growth.)
  • The circle just got smaller. Competition is now world-wide. (Learn how to make the transition of thinking and living as a global citizen.)
The more the world changes, the more our stories become far more valuable and the more they can do for our growth.

# The Art of the Résumé (is there such, even?)

  • HOW are you putting your best foot forward — what’s the strategy?


Through my language skills set, I offer three things:


A unique perspective to help you find and use words and language differently (and more effectively, of course).


Education and understanding are essential. So, the learning sessions are served to your audience (or your team) with simplicity and a great command of language.

Honesty and attention have become rarer than is desirable; be the one who gives those gifts to the world often.


Copy-cats lack consistency, let alone depth. For this reason, RETHINK. Learning Sessions are delivered with the greatest care toward creating stories, education, strategy-making work and insight that are as real and honest as possible.

Any piece of thought, idea and insight generated in the learning sessions is made with the intent to contribute incredible value.

I am forever grateful for the gift of storytelling, the resulting human connections and learnings that we build.

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