Media students, make online platforms and play

Everyday stories are where the magic is — start telling.

Me feels, it is a waste of opportunity to have a big fancy phone, an internet connection and say, a blog site that is not tended to. A Facebook Page that is not elegantly run.

Even worse, when you are a media student (and I meet a lot of them) and you have that challenge — Houston, we have a huge problem!

It says loudly that you are not practicing, playing the media game as it currently exists, outside the classroom. So, how are we to have world class media professionals if we fail to take societal clues of how, in this instance, the world consumes news, educates and organises itself.

I don’t get it. A’ all.

One thing is clear then …

The problem lies not with the lack of tools — just a lack of YOU!

Show up.

Uhmm … attempt this …

Diagnose your lifestyle, and while at it, elevate your standards, expect the world from yourself and everything else will rise with that wave.

Me hopes.

And please, as a media student, begin doing. Make a ‘brand’ of yourself somewhat, pursue personal projects that will allow you to build a portfolio — you cannot wait until graduation day.