I am an animal

Therefore, adaptable.

Anything. Anywhere. Even mid air.

That has caused me to rethink quite a number of things, chief among which is my confidence when it comes to learning new things, especially a skill of sort, or acquiring new knowledge.

A few months ago, I bought a soccer ball with the intent to practice and shed the rust off not having juggled a ball for a long period of time — something I once did without thinking even for a micro-second. It was once effortless, a part of my existence.

What also helped a great deal with the goal set was the regular jogging on weekends, to the extent possible, I had been doing, for some four odd years now. So, this time, I’d alternate workout sessions between running on the tar and ball-juggling-and-walking the following day.

Within two months, I saw a difference in my skill level — I went back to my default settings. My body was getting more nimble by the day, too, as though I was 15 years old again. And I’l confess: that has always been the goal when the footballing restarted.

But, forget everything I’ve written!

The punchline here is … lest we forget:

I am an animal — therefore — adaptable.

For a few months now, I have completely rethought my mantra.

It came about when I began thinking — extensively, at that — about the nature of human beings. The sheer power and ability to we have to make infinite possibilities; often, we make ways where there are none.

And at our most humblest, we are mere mortals. Nothing more special than any other animal.

The sharply noticeable difference, though, is our love for style. Fashions and all that glitters. We are the sort of animals who get-off from buying certain types of cars, ridiculously sized houses; oh, and some trendy clothes. We live cushy lives, in contrast with other animals (why not?). And I’ve observed that to often be the downfall of many of us working toward some goal or the other. We get distracted by the world’s goings-on.

When you forget who and what you are, life becomes more difficult than it should be. I suppose it could be likened to the experience of swimming against the tide — laborious.

So, in my rekindling the love affair with the ball, I realised that I am an animal who can do things other animals cannot. That realisation alone allows me to carve out a place for myself in the world — position myself, if you will.

And for a moment, think of the technology humans have been able to create to fast-track how the world communicates …

And so it follows that with a football at feet — or wherever on the body it nestles — I am able to make magic. The rediscovery of different techniques of kicking and directing a ball have also strengthened my creativity. I am more valuable when on stage, for instance, speaking about marketing during a RETHINK. Learning Session; when writing a social media content & business strategy or a mere story. I am a far better professional for it.

So, here’s the crux of it: my biggest superpower is the deep understanding that because I am an animal, I am easily adaptable to various spaces and situations.

I can manipulate myself to become, do and create anything imaginable.

Self awareness. Power.

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