Systems and processes made me superhuman

It’s fascinating to me that I managed to completely change myself through fitting into my life a set of consistent behaviour patterns (processes and systems, if you insist) which have allowed me to get physically fitter, mentally sharper and unleashed the latent storytelling and creative animal who, until now, has always lurked around.

To be consistently good at what I do, I had to align my life. And many things were bound to change as a result.

Now, let’s comb through a few personal questions I recently asked myself, which, I am hoping, will help unearth answers that will lead to a breakthrough to your own personal growth:

  • What are your values; the sort that act as a railroad (a compass)?

Mine are: authenticity, elegance and helpfulness.

I am authentic; I prefer elegance any day and I am wired to almost always want to help other people advance themselves in what they love and are super heroes in.

  • Who do you hang out with; you know, your gals or guys?

Mine have become quite limited in number. And that came to be for a specific reason: I got to a point where I grew tired of being stagnant and what’s worse, having pals around who don’t have urgency and the courage to walk toward their best selves.

Misery loves company.

Rick Ross dislikes that, for sure …

“Join forces with the kings and we ate all day.”

As human being-y as we are, we are nothing more than animals who develop and reach our potential as a result of the environment we grow up in, the type of people who raise us, what those and others we come across say to us often enough and the people we choose to spend large pieces of our time with.

I know very well and acknowledge that I am an animal — therefore — adaptable.

  • What do you love doing with your time that makes you unbelievably happy?

It has to be soccer for me.

Hence I started late 2018 to buy soccer balls with which to practice; this, naturally, led me to start juggling the ball every day and every where. Of course, scores of people think I have probably loosened a few screws upstairs — always clad in shorts and mismatching socks.


Kahleni bo!

I am only living my life the best way I feel how. I now go wherever the feeling takes me. Which meant that at the beginning of 2019, I had to conscientiously make the decision to go back to being the child who, at primary school, always had a ball and in turn, that gift strengthened my academic prowess. As a result, I breezed through academia.

The power of the domino effect.

  • Do you make enough time for learning new things? (Be honest. L.O.L!)

I have since gone back to being a voracious reader. I am always surrounded by books (even when, at times gone past, I would go through uncomfortably long periods of reading hunger).

My focused and consistent footballing and gym routine rekindled my energy levels and thus, my learning appetite.

Ultimately, whichever exploratory questions you ask of yourself, it is important that you get to the point where you create a learning and growth feedback loop in your life that sings.

Mine goes thus:

  • Dedicated football training.
  • Neaten the spaces around me (by redesigning how I spend my time and importantly, with who).
  • Gather consistent energy through a clear focus on core life values — written above some where.
  • Make concentrated efforts toward growth, however unpleasant they may feel in the moment.

The ultimate goal is the act of setting up and maintaining systems and processes that will make you happier and eventually, superhuman.


Punch line below.

The consistent delivery of anything under the sun begins with the incredible management of one’s own daily life.