That’s amongst the things that’ve helped me be the person I have become. I chill and observe and refine all the time.

Relaxing allows for clearer thinking.

It allows for close attention to the things around you, in your life and the dot-connecting of what it all means.

Another thing. The reason I am relaxed about many of life’s goings-on and never get anxious is because life is long. Too long to feel insecure about, say, outside opinions, a lack of resources or in some circumstances, dire poverty. Life changes all the time.

Good or bad, nothing at all lasts forever (unless it is perpetuated, of course.)

Hence it’s disheartening to see peers and anyone else rush themselves for this and that thing. Even more depressing is when a person decides to look at other people, see a semblance of progress and then feel inferior about themselves. That whole thing creates resentment and a jaded perspective about self and the world in which you live. And almost always, nothing good will come from that.

Chill. And go on about your life your way. And of course, I get it, it’s become hard for many people to never squint over their own walls and peak into their neighbour’s in order to, I don’t know, perhaps validate their own lives. It’s the nature of life in the twenty-first century where you can, at the tap of a few buttons, see what other kids get up to — from the cars they drive, exotic holidays, dazzling outfits, the gourmet food they photograph and eat and so forth.

But, that reality doesn’t have to translate, contribute and eat into your self esteem. Process and understand that.

Without fail, my own intuitive understanding of this fact has always put me in good stead. I never pander to the noises other kids make — I dance to my own signature tune. And I love it!

I guess all I’m saying is: Juuust chill a bit. Don’t look at the clock, don’t peak into other kids’ lifestyles, block the worldly noise about success and money and fancy possessions and all o’ that crap and listen to yourself. Move at the pace of your own choosing.

To me, that’s become second nature. It’s precisely the reason I am able to reinvent myself all the time and have accumulated skills and life experiences that make me an enterprising human being who can exist and add value to life any place on earth; I easily take steps forward and when it all feels out of sync with me, I’ll retreat and start again. I measure my progress in a scarcely different way.

Chill and then proceed with one step at a time, you’ll feel lighter and eventually, at your best.

One last thing …

The greatest-greatest people to ever walk the earth always move in accordance to their heartbeat.