Be show ready

This also means you need start practicing like a real pro — no training for the sake of completing a weekly attendance sheet.

Work on your work every single day for a few minutes; it goes a long way.

Take my ball juggling skills as a self-indulgent example. In January 2019, I was fairly good — nothing to write home about, really. Fast-forward to July 2019 and my skills are there; meaning it doesn’t matter how the ball comes at me, at whatever speed, it’ll be handled deftly.

I never even think about it any longer.

The same goes for my writing and later, public speaking skills; I wrote many a lame poem in high school, rewrote and revised words almost all the time, everyday adding in new material to my poem \ note book.

And I’ve gone on to have fun for a few years now, learning the art of verbally delivering words; this also includes imitations (but, of course, I’d love to be as good as Kevin Spacey). This also included working simultaneously on my then low self-esteem while learning to be a Linguist.

Something had to give. I had to be a wordsmith. I wanted it that bad.

The entire time, I was well aware of where I was heading, with detours and all.

For instance, when I worked at a retail store called PEP for about two years, I was at peace enough to see it as an opportunity to learn and speed up my growth in social skills. For sure, after some months chatting to and selling different products to different people, I got better. I could see it happening, I was slowly becoming a novel conversationalist.

Exactly what I had initially set out to learn and master when I entered college.

Anyway, please forgive my digression.

Be show ready!

Consider this then: if I were to abruptly wake you up at 02:39 AM and have you perform your craft, would you be able to dish out some absentminded brilliance?

I read something every day. And that allows me to broaden my creativity — and that’s crucial when I get to pen down words of my own. This speaks to the importance of regular exposure to new ways words can be used.

Be so show ready — in tune with your artistry — that even a simple practice run contains large dozes of championship-status moments. Put on a show even when you don’t exert a lot of effort.

Be switched on. All the time. By becoming the very gift you claim to love and do. Be the thing.

I am words. I weave and deliver words all the time. I am language. I am deeply immersed in these disciplines.

So, go on and make what you do a natural extension of you.

Image by: Krys Alex |