The Art of The Resumé: personality

But, wait!

Is there anything of that sort, though?

I’ll answer that myself; yes, there is. And for a very simple reason — people are vastly different and I think, so should their CV’s be.

I am of the opinion that the way you market your skills and gifts should ooze unique flair and personality. The document must be you, the document you call your CV, in truth, must acquire some value when your name is written on it. At the end of it all, business is about exchanging value.

A personal example of that is when I grew tired of the boring CV template everyone else was (and many are still) using and decided to simply write a blog post about Themba Jay on my own platform. Look, it was so unexpected a format that I was called up at Cerebra Communications for an internship post I had applied for with this article of a CV. I remember the Head of Social Media in the interview room saying to me, “You’ve also pretty much agreed with us that you don’t have a lot of experience in social media, but, we really liked your approach with your CV, that we called you here”.

Another opinion: yes, there aren’t a lot of job opportunities lying around these days, however, my guess is that many of those opportunities are easily squandered by candidates not being able to eloquently market their skills.

From the way the CV document is written and formatted says a lot about you and how you carry yourself. Example: you mightn’t be a good designer, but if your document is neatly formatted, organised and free of spelling and grammatical errors and tells a compelling story about you, you’re going boardrooms!

I’ve never been one to conform to the status quo of anything and so, even writing my CV tends to be an exercise where I play around with my life story, my skills set and then find connection points with the business world. Many applicants tend to follow a singular template they were taught fourteen years ago; which is connected to the fact that many more people believe there is only one way to being professional (boring).

So, puh-lease, start tinkering about and find ways to use the tools at your disposal and inject your personality into all the things you do, that’s precisely how you will build a distinct taste and valuable offering with your skills.



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