Digify Africa session facilitation: Lessons I Took Away

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Lessons come all the time, everyday and everywhere. And I took away a few from the enlightening panel discussion I facilitated for Digify Africa at the J&B Hive, Braamfontein, 14 September ‘19.

The topic we chewed on was How to Start a Successful Business Online:

i. Study the market

Tinker with stuff, spend time learning and find a space you’re comfortably phenomenal at and then own it.

ii. There’s no getting around hard work

You’ve heard that one a million times before I can bet. Instruments such as talent, looks, material possessions, education, etc, are never enough on their own.

iii. Take initiative (khuthala please!)

Uzoyithola kanjani uhleli ekhoneni?

iv. Create systems from the get-go

Play at the level of your goals. Yeka ukuzama, wenze into eqondile, enamandla zisuka ebhandeni.

Those systematic thinking habits will pay off majorly as you continue to refine your work.

v. Learn to decipher information (and have it work for you)

In the inter-connected world we live in, information ain’t a thing. So, it is doubly essential to learn how to process the resources at your disposal and the feedback you get (or don’t directly get) from the world about the work you do.

This ability will allow you to see through the fog, make sense of the world and your craft.

And of course, another notable thing …

It’s important to make a habit of connecting with other human beings, and place some value on the table whenever you are invited to join in.

One last thing: Thanks Lots to every person who dropped in at the networking / panel discussion.

It was an awesome intellectual time we had!