You need less than you think


It’s exactly what I find fascinating about human beings. The fact that we can go from being fully aware of something important and then completely lose sight of it when circumstances change.

Think about the habit of owning a truckload of things we don’t really need. Clothes hang awkwardly in fully packed wardrobes. Edible food is thrown out every single day because it’s always forgotten at the back of the refrigerator for weeks. Money is easily used haphazardly. Relationships are easily taken for granted. You know, the quiet thought beneath the mind that ‘people will always be there’. That they’re supposed to be there.

I find it important to pay attention to it because the loss of perspective breeds negative behaviour.

And nothing undermines perspective better than enjoying success that makes you forget how to live in bad times. While going through a lengthy struggle can easily teach you to forget how it feels like to win.

It’s all about striking a certain balance.

And as I’ve come to learn with my own life, it’s about dedicating myself to achieving that mental balance.

So, to steady my mind and refresh my worldview, I write (and reflect deeply on my life) everyday. I meditate by doing things I enjoy. Cleaning around the house, cooking, gardening, reading. I run and play football regularly.

I’m looking to extend my interests and learn the French language, ballroom dancing, play the piano (I want to work on my poetry recitals) and swimming.

I’m designing my life to be filled with the experiences and things I really need to stretch myself and become a better human being to myself and other people.

And by the way, the realisation hit me across the face that I need less than I think when I had to regularly spend twelve hours, sometimes more, without eating. One day, as I was eating a tiny meal after those many hours of nothingness, I said to myself, “I am good for the day now”.

With a smile on my face, a follow-up thought hit me after finishing that meal: I am content with myself, proud of my emotional and mental progress, even though I am going through a very difficult time.