buya Ntombela, buya Shomela

There comes a point in a lifetime when there’s a need to restart everything.

To begin anew.

To completely reboot, and change the flow of life.

It’s an important inflection point.

A chance to re-imagine.

To deeply and honestly reflect on fulfilment, purpose, living passionately, and such things.

Are you still growing?

Are you still representing yourself?

How do you spend your time these days, and why is that?

Dig deeeeep into yourself.

At what level are your standards?


Wait …

Do you even still respect, and hold yourself in high esteem?

You gotta check in with yourself from time to time bruh!

Buya Mageba.

Reroute the plane.

Fly towards a different direction.

Use different techniques.

Go for higher altitudes.

Fly where the eagles dare.

Talk to yourself; invoke your spirit.

Feed and enrich the spirit.

Buya Mpangazitha.

Talk to the air controllers on the ground to help you switch the Gulfstream.

The strength of your name depends on it.

Your kids depend on it.

And your sanity depends on it.

Command yourself.

Return to your best.

Be sexy again.

Ooze life, and have a light touch about you.

That balance between power and vulnerability; you once had it.

Aspire to intelligence once more.

Chase new knowledge.

Salivate at the prospect of learning something new.

Jump at the opportunity to meet new people.

Search for that joy, that magic in writing, thinking, learning, and expression.

Reignite that burning passion for the art of conversation.

And get this bruh … this ain’t no poem.

This is a spiritual message you gotta drum into your head.

“Return to your senses. Return to your intelligence.”

Uyazazi Zulu Eliphezulu, the magic that happens when your mind is switched on.

When your whole being is open to possibility.

Dlukula Dledle.

Sidlukula samakhosi.

You know that electric feeling when you can see ten steps ahead, and around the corner.

Pure magic.


That’s what you are.

Zulu ka Malandela.

That’s who you are.


That’s what you are.

Zulu ka Malandela.

That’s who you are.

Embrace it dawgie.

Futh’ uyamazi ubaba ok’zalayo.

Baba Shomela

Mlungu omnyama

Ncitha b’chopho

Mavul’ kuvaliwe

Mphikeleli wensizwa.

Ubuye uzalwe uMama ozandla ziyaluma

Ntomb’ enezandla ezinhle zomsebenzi

Naye wafuza unina wakhe, uGogo

Wabuy’ naye wafuzisa intomb’ yakhe. . . iwele elith’ ngebala elikhanyayo njengoyise (Baba Shomela).

Umama . . .

Intomb’ yakw’ Ndlangamandla.



Mphazima ka Langa

Wena owadl’ umuntu um’yenga ngendaba.

Jay … jonga bruh … the intelligence, beauty and grit you come from.

Crème de la crème.

Wena ozal’ uZulu.

Swim back to shore.

Buya Shomela!



Uzalo: TV show flighted on SABC 1.

Babekazi, in a scene in which she has a heart to heart talk with Sibonelo.

The woman wants S’bonelo to remember himself, his greatness.

For him to remember the times when he was a passionate guy with a dream to become a doctor. And when he achieved that goal.

She reminds him of possibility.

Babekazi connected with me when she closed off her advice by saying, with such motherly force, “Buya S’bonelo. Buya maan!”


Wordsmith: I write and edit words. I speak and facilitate public conversations. I think and consult.

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