Speaking Themba Jay to new heights

For the past ten years, I’ve been focused on gaining the ability to write and speak eloquently.

And I have.

I’ll say, it’s been a poetic decade!

Now here’s a punchline: I’ve beeeen both well written and spoken, but I’ve done without raw emotion to serve with the words all along.

There has been minimum spirituality and conviction in my work.

On stage, I had awesome enunciation but no flow. Ubuciko, dololo!

For example: I couldn’t fluidly decide how much weight to place on the word “Haibo” when I was shocked, versus a “Haibo” in a happy setting. Major emotional details.

Additionally, I couldn’t speak as though I am singing so as to emphasise certain points in a presentation, and add colour and vocal variety. I was always in awe when Trevor Noah pulled off such technical details in his comedy specials. I wanted to have that type of delivery.

I have been learning on the job for the past decade.

Now, I combine voice, emotion, body movement, humour, and multiple conversation pieces at a time without much effort.

I facilitate public conversations for a living.

I make serious business conferences sound like fireside chats. Easy. Natural.

Cheers to self for the kraggg to learn in public (making Facebook Live and Instagram TV videos, publishing videos via WhatsApp Status, YouTube, and LinkedIn).

Cheers to self for allowing self enough patience — many years, alright — to master the craft of conversation and public speaking. To get seasoned.

I get overwhelmed somewhat when I think that…

Sengiyacikoza manje phela.

Angisakhulumi ngiyacula!

I’ve got cadence by the truckloads — ngesingisi salezigebengu ezimhlophe.

Ngingumelaphi obhula umlilo ngamazwi, abanye besabhula ngamahlahla nanamhla lokhu!

And after all this time of trying, I’ve managed to break myself open emotionally, mentally and spiritually.

I am not hiding behind anything; insecurities have been annihilated, for one. And that allows me to open up without any hang-ups.

It is a big win for my work, and my relationships.

It is an indescribable feat too.

Worth celebrating. That I finally have advanced emotional and mental arsenal!

And you know what… let me leave these thoughts right here, before I shed a tear.

But one last thing…

I bow down when I think that today — without even trying — ngikhuluma kwehle izinyembezi ezijulile emtwini.

Umuhle Shomela

Umuhle Ntombela

Umuhle Zulu!


Wordsmith: I write and edit words. I speak and facilitate public conversations. I think and consult.

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