This is how I became Mr Write

I am not entirely sure what prompted the thought.

I found myself recalling the time I could not write well. I was terrible at it.

But I wanted to learn.

The determination to be a decent writer spilt onto other parts of my life. Serendipity is an awesome friend.

I was not aware at first of the progress I made because of writing. For example, I couldn’t understand and truly appreciate that my mind got stronger because I launched a blog in 2014.

By deciding to publish my mind, I took the plunge to write my thoughts, stories and ideas in public. I had spent all of my high school years writing on pieces of paper and exercise books set aside for self-expression. Hence I attribute a large part of my mental and emotional growth to keeping a journal.

Publishing a personal website inspired me to push past the doubt that filled my heart. 

Who on earth will care about what you have to say?!” The voice in my head echoed.

Press fast-forward to eight years later. I care more about writing for my mind. Sho case, it makes me happy to know that you are reading these words. I appreciate your stopping by. Truly ❤️.

The difference is that I don’t worry about whether you will fall in love with my writing. I focus on writing for my soul.

I speak to myself in order to speak to you.

It’s an exchange of life stories and energy. It’s the human experience put into words and conversation. It’s all love.

That’s another lesson I stumbled on while chasing words: I can never talk to you meaningfully if I don’t take the time to push past my own resistance to freely express ideas and emotions.

The practise continues to teach me the different ways that words can be written. The ways in which people should be spoken to. The way words move people, and why. 

Writing is the navigator that helps me make sense of the world.

Online writing has been my literary school. While the decision to go blogging set off a chain of serendipitous events…

The readers of my blog reached out, some became friends. After a few years at it, I began attracting job opportunities in the advertising industry. Without concrete work experience in the business. The published ideas and stories soon became a portfolio I submitted along with my job applications.

The habit of putting out my thoughts in writing and later, videos, gave me ample space to display my thought process, worldview, life experiences and learn different ideas from other people.

Writing is now my trade.

I had no idea that it would lead to this when I began talking to myself in tattered books in high school. I wrote because it made me feel heard. I explored new ideas. I peeled away layers of ignorance through the process.

Today, the mental gains from writing make my thinking lucid. I am an effective reader, more voracious than I ever was in high school. I’ve stopped falling asleep after five pages. My mind changed along the way; it keeps track of threads in the stories I read. A skill that has become useful in work projects that rely on thinking, writing, editing, building marketing strategies and delivering presentations for client projects.

I am grateful that being a wordsmith is responsible for the other talents I’ve cultivated…

  • I am a public speaker today because of writing.
  • After many years of reading and writing, I’ve developed the ability to connect dots between ideas and synthesise information.
  • And above all else, I can access and communicate my emotions much easier than I used to do during my twenties. Writing taught me to embrace vulnerability, silence the ego, root out insecurities and let the soul shine through.

I am Mr Write because I gathered the courage to look inside me, wrestle my demons and express my soul.


Wordsmith: I write and edit words. I speak and facilitate public conversations. I think and consult.

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