Swim along with the current

Open yourself up.

Have conversations with an open heart and mind.

Accept and flow with your new life.

Be a curious kid again.

Lean forward. Into life. Into people. Into new situations.

But never forget to move with grace!

Being in uncomfortable circumstances is not an excuse to be clumsy.

Gather yourself. It’s self-respect in physical form.

In the same vein, lose yourself.

Because to be aware of your existence will drive you crazy.

Rather, be weightless.

And flow.

Swim in the direction of the current. Never against it.

Acceptance calms life down and provides a healthier perspective.

Reinvent yourself in the chaos.

Be happy and grateful. Find the reasons to.

Develop habits that’ll help you be your intelligent and generous self.

Write more. Every day.

This allows you to reflect and weigh up ideas.

To exist in a state of flow.

To think.

To do life with finesse.

And peace.

To write is to be one with where you are at this moment.

Kodwa… ungakhohlwa to be curious once more.

That’s where the magic is.

Love yourself.

But never forget to forget yourself.

Exist incognito.

Because you are both significant and insignificant at the same time.

Both everything and nothing.

A great place to start living and writing about it.

Now, go!


Wordsmith: I write and edit words. I speak and facilitate public conversations. I think and consult.

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