Ola, I am Themba Jay.

I am a Wordsmith.

I write and edit. I speak and facilitate public conversations. And I consult on content, editorial & publishing strategy.

For some of the work, I sit in creative and business strategy sessions and contribute my mind. On other projects, I teach.

Long before I knew I was going to write for my supper, from around the age of ten until twenty-three, I was a car and tyre mechanic working in my Dad’s business. The experience was like travelling the world while planted in one immersive place. The Firm, we called it. I met a multitude of fascinating people there almost daily, learnt a trade, observed how the world works, and spent considerable time with my father.

I was at odds at the time, though. I wanted to play football and wander around with friends. My youthful naiveté blocked the clarity of the incredible value that came from watching Dad be creative and build businesses. I had a front-row seat to an intelligent man.

Here’s the kicker: growing up in the tyre repair/sales business taught me to naturally connect dots, be observant and formulate questions. Dad showed me ways to switch on my mind and think. He was relentless about the need to always process, reflect and scratch beneath the mental surface.

I watched a virtuoso strategist solve problems every day.

As a matter of habit, he bought an assortment of newspapers and had me read the stories for him. He dissected them for and with me afterwards. At The Firm, almost every moment was a lesson.

Those experiences were my initial training in writing, thinking, strategy and creativity.

My current goal is to sit in more strategy sessions, contribute and learn. Then teach more people about the ideas that I meet, think and write about.

On this blog, I share my ideas — and am building a repository of knowledge — on Writing, Speaking, People, Media, and Strategy. You’ll also find personal essays, notes, reflections, and writing experimentations. It’s my mind, inside out.

Welcome. Ta much for stopping by!

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