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Language — and connecting dots — is my trade.

W r i t i n g (Tap dancing with words)

Through my word-slinging sensibilities, I solve different types of written-word challenges. It’s because I’ve honed the gift to make words sing and solve different written-word cases and challenges. Words will be around forever, so let’s make them work hard for you by telling eloquent stories.

S p e a k i n g (Ubuciko Bomlomo)

I am in the business of delivering words that connect (dots), teach and grow people. I place front-and-centre the importance of human connections and the learnings made possible by conversation and the curiosity to interrogate the stories we choose to make, tell (or consume) and believe.

Themba Jay in full swing, facilitating the first RETHINK session.

A d v i s o r y (Ukuchitha Ubuchopho)

I love connecting dots and at the back of that, offering insight and strategy around different types of stories \ storytelling and the ways in which words impact and shape our lives.

That’s the essence of what I do.

I’ve worked at Cerebra Communications, dropped in on an intensive digital media course sponsored by Google and endorsed by IAB South Africa called Digify. During that tenure, I learned about social media (for business), online media strategy, digital advertising, content creation, public speaking / presenting, pitching and relationship building. As part of the programme, I had the opportunity of delivering pitch presentations to Nando’s (via an agency called Publicis Machine) and Mercedes Benz (via Network BDDO).

Fast-forward to about three years, after working in the digital media industry for a few companies, and after a stint of freelancing, I joined forces as a Writer and Content Strategist with a design / marketing agency, Kwambele Social Marketing, based in Sandton, Johannesburg. The experience there was like being thrown into a pack of wolves, expected to come back leading the pack; meaning I had to quickly adapt to the change (I was given space to develop my leadership abilities) and start writing strategies, present concepts and reports at meetings, liaise and collaborate with clients and deliver (educational) content for clients through workshops.

The upside was massive growth that made me start to seriously hone and use extensively my prowess at dot-connecting and strategy-making.


  • Mentorfeed (a Ndalo Media video platform \ mentorship programme)

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