Through my Writing, Speaking and Advisory work, I sell five things:


Themba Jay Consulting



By fussing over where punctuation marks should be placed in your sentences – I sell you back valuable time. So you can focus on other important things.


I save you energy in a world that moves at breakneck speed, and needs you at your best. With my expertise, I take off writing and storytelling off your plate.


A new perspective and information to help you see your communication in a vastly different way and demand more from your storytelling to achieve growth.


Your stories are best served to your audience with a great command of language and clarity.


We are all on very profound, fun and yet difficult emotional life journeys. Life, then, is nothing without passion and that’s why delivering an honest piece of work is the ultimate objective.

Ultimately, I help facilitate communication and emotional growth for people who feel they deserve more from their stories.