I Tap Dance With My Pen!



My name is Themba Jay and one of the things I am most proud of is my love for stories and ability to tell them. I am a Storytellerby often tap dancing with my pen or waxing lyrical to gatherings of people. I transfer my energy, inspire, change mindsets and teach. This is what moves me.

I have an inclination to rather have conversations over simply pushing out soul-less brand messages. My view, if I may be so honest, is that you ought to hire the better Writer when faced with a decision of who to bring in to your team. Writingand by extension, speaking and marketingreally well is a true mark of intelligence, clear thinking and the ability to establish what is important and what isn’t through ruthless editing.

I believe in the building of engaged audiences who return to your platforms for more instead of buying people’s attention for 30 seconds and then they switch offI am a new dimension to your team!



I tap dance with my pen. And leave trails of magic and genius.


Hire the Better Writer

I am an eloquent Writer, content creator and thought-provoking individual precisely because I understand that since the beginning of time, powerful and well-told stories can drive great results. Work that oozes connection, generosity and emotion is the only sort that is worth doing!

I firmly believes in this, too: communication is the fundamental soul of exchanges people have daily. So, the better crafted the words, signals and sounds, the richer the experience.

In the way of impact, every time I write, I aim to invoke a feeling in the reader that when they read my work, makes it seem like they are sitting across me. I want them to have coffee with me in their head while reading my work.

Another thing: phenomenal Writing is essential in marketing and a necessity for organisations and personal brands alike, business communication and everyday exchanges which you have. In essence, everything you do! Good writing carries your story.



The weaving and telling of a story to brand oneself, product or a service apart from the rest is my obsession.



By extension, I am a marketing practitioner rooted in the practice of sharing knowledge and experiences on how we can use compelling stories to advance ourselves.

In this capacity, I full-heartedly agree with Seth Godin when he says, “The work people in organisations [and individuals through their communication channels] do when they tell a story that resonates with us. Marketing is not advertising, marketing is the product we make, the service we offer, the life we live.”

And my thesis is a simple one: generations before us didn’t have the leverage we now have through online media, and to use this leverage to only publish negative sentiments about and attack other people is not the best we can do. We exist in an interesting world order in the history of modern times and I am excited to be in the communications space in this generation.



An ingenious combination of Eloquence + Passion + Emotional brilliance.


Communicate Your Genius
Delivering a scintillating presentation to colleagues at Cerebra Communications


I received my first ovation at age 14 in high school after delivering a brief talk in class. And in 2015, through Digify (a digital marketing bootcamp), I floored the audience when I had the opportunity of presenting to about 30 high level executives — some of whom had flown in from other countries that week — at consulting firm, EOH (Johannesburg office), about how they should go about reinventing their online presence.

That Friday afternoon, I spoke, found myself and validated my level of talent, passion and genius.



What makes me tick makes your team more valuable.


Themba Jay on writing


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A glimpse into what I am capable of.


Founder & Chief Storyteller
May 2014 — Present

I am a Storyteller and through that vehicle, I love teaching other people how to communicate their genius . So, is a platform where I publish stories with the aim of offering the world my perspective on communication, personal branding, marketing and other themes I find interesting.

Digital Media Intern
June 2015  August 2015 (3 months)

I underwent an exhaustive digital media course powered by Google and recognised by the IAB South Africa. In this programme, I learned on depth about social media for business, analytics, online media strategy, content creation, public speaking / presenting. As part of the learning, I had the privilege of delivering pitch presentations to Nando’s (via Publics Machine), EOH executives, and Mercedes Benz (via Network BBDO).

Social Media Management Internship
November 2014  — February 2015 (4 months)

During the tenure, I worked on and was exposed to client projects such as Vodacom and ABSA Bank / Barclays. I picked up illuminating lessons and experience about social media marketing, strategy, research and gathering insight; creative thinking, writing / the editorial process, blogging, concept and idea development and public speaking / presenting.

Sales Consultant
October 2012  March 2016 (3 years 6 months)

My specialty was running the Shoes department. I serviced and advised customers and doubled up as a Cashier. This is where I discovered my passion for communication and people. As a result of this, I helped the shoes department be one of the highest grossing departments in the Carlton Centre branch where I worked. With my effort, passion for customer service and hunger for growth, I received a promotion within three months.



Multilingual. Diverse. Curious.

 IsiZulu  (Native proficiency)
English (Full professional proficiency)
IsiXhosa (Elementary proficiency)
Sesotho (Elementary proficiency)



A revelation of who I truly am through what I spend time on.

Writing | Public speaking | Social media | Storytelling | Content creation & strategy | Communication training & advisory | Personal branding | Marketing | Books | Reading | People



Mastery is the ultimate pursuit!


Education on Themba Jay



Digital Marketing Certificate
Discipline(s): social media / multimedia / marketing / digital communication / presenting
Obtained: August 2015
Certified by Google & IAB South Africa


Media Studies Diploma
Discipline(s): Communication and Media studies
Year(s): 2010 — 2012
Level of Qualification: Diploma
Obtained: Incomplete due to financial constraints




Work on Themba Jay (Matt Artz)


I believe our purpose lies in the projects we excel at and master with the least amount of effort.

And what you do even if you are not paid for it reveals who you really are.

January 2016  Present

This workshop series belongs to . I developed this project to equip — especially young — people in township high schools, tertiary institutions and youth centres on the importance of impressively communicating their genius to the world using digital media. And more importantly, HOW to do it.

March 2015  Present

Orange Farm Is Not A Jungle is a movement and a platform whose efforts are to explore the opposite of what we choose to see and believe. By showcasing snapshots of breathtaking places, tell interesting stories of people, dig beneath the surface and stand for all things Cool. Bold. Beautiful. Orange Farm.



Find out why there’s nothing else like Themba Jay.



Account Director at Native VML



Digital Media Entrepreneur & Head Mentor at Digify


Content Producer: Huffington Post (South Africa)



Tap into the genius of a new age Storyteller!


Hire the Better Writer


This point bears repeating: Writing — and by extension, speaking and marketing — really well is a true mark of intelligence, clear thinking and the ability to establish what is important and what isn’t through ruthless editing.


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