Themba Jay Consulting

Through my Writing, Speaking and Strategy-making work, I sell three things:


By fussing over word choices and where punctuation marks should be placed in your sentences, I essentially sell you time (articulately so), so you can focus on other pressing matters.


A unique perspective that helps you use language in a powerful way — by putting words to work.


Education and understanding are crucial. So, your stories are best served to your audience (be it your team, customers, potential clients, etc.) with simplicity and a great command of language.


Social-Media-Covering the #SheConquersWellness2018 activation in Mthatha, Eastern Cape for loveLife and the National Department of Health.

With an insatiable appetite for learning and mastering different ways of storytelling, it was inevitable jumping into the vast, rowdy and exhilarating social media space. One, I quickly learnt how using the Internet (or any platform, really) can thrust a person’s or an organisation’s story far-and-wide. Two, I learnt how to express myself by getting better at writing and speaking.

I plugged myself into the global grid, if you like.

Live Social Media Reporting

For different types of events:

  • Strategy development for events
  • Image and video publishing and captioning (content)

Consider the live social media storytelling needs of your event, be it a business focused conference or fashion poetry show, eloquently sorted.

Content Creation & Development

  • For individuals
  • Organisations
  • Different types of Projects

Content (although now a buzzword that’ll evaporate at some point, when the world changes the way it consumes its stories) is the bedrock of digital interaction. Authentic stories, on the other hand, underpin human interactions — that’s the focus of my writing and content development.

Social Media for Business

I’m passionate about connecting dots, interrogating societal and by extension, business challenges. Strategy-making became a natural place for me to express myself by combining the ways in which we communicate with each other, with organisations and how all that can culminate into growth and forward movement for all partners involved.


Themba Jay at work

My love for language and connecting dots of how the world works sharpens my focus on delivering business value through communication and storytelling solutions for:

  • Written word projects
  • Digital media for business transitions
  • Oratory / storytelling challenges in business
  • People development
  • Idea development

RETHINK. by Themba Jay


A series of practical and conversational learning sessions, powered by Themba Jay (Consulting).​

Tagline / Philosophy

Go ahead. Remake yourself.


RETHINK exists to help people transform the way they see and tell their personal stories; initiate conversations about how to interact with digital media and consume information; and essentially, how to create new knowledge and add to the global conversation.

In turn, the sessions deliver educational value. Be it to academia, business, personal projects, careers, etc. Consider this: the business of being human is a constantly moving target, with a lot of how-we-are-supposed-to’s (misguided noise) and ruthless world changes.

Rethinking yourself just might be what you need to get unstuck.

Format of Delivery

  • Learning Sessions (lectures)
  • Fireside Conversations
  • Keynote Presentations
  • Question-and-Answer sessions
  • Panel Discussion
  • Team Talk Sessions
  • One-on-One Sessions (on writing, public speaking, personal branding, digital media, strategy development, among others)

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