I am an eloquent writer, storyteller, content strategist and consultant who helps himself and other human beings unlock the power of how to communicate with the world through their stories.

Being a wordsmith at heart, I pay close attention to words, how they are formed and what impact they have on society. I am deeply into words that I get better at writing every single time I put down a word – a tweet, Facebook status update, a new blog entry, short story, WhatsApp texts, et cetera; I am relentless in my pursuit for wordy mastery and language manipulation.

I believes in this, too: communication is the fundamental soul of exchanges people have daily. So, the better crafted the words, signals and sounds, the richer the experience.

Another thing: phenomenal writing is essential in marketing and a necessity for organisations and personal brands alike; business communication and everyday exchanges which you have. In essence, everything you do! Good writing carries and thrusts your story farther.

This is my obsession — Tap Dancing With A Pen and leaving trails of writerly magic.